About Us

'Snivel and Shriek' designs, publishes and supplies a growing range of creative resources that promote children's personal, emotional, social and behavioural development.  Our resources complement relevant educational strategies whilst providing practical solutions to support children's wellbeing.  
Supporting a range of professionals working with children, Snivel and Shriek offers a way forward in raising achievement, by personalising education with our activities that value self-awareness as an essential foundation for learning.  

It is now becoming so widely recognised that children's emotional and social wellbeing is fundamental to effective learning and achievement, that there are growing numbers of dedicated roles in schools which deal exclusively with the issues our resources support.  Pastoral Managers, Learning and Behaviour Mentors, Emotional Literacy Support Assistants and many more, actively seek specific resources to use one-to-one and in small groups with pupils/students. 
Our resources focus on particularly challenging situations, such as moving up to secondary school, the times when these professionals most frequently look for support.  The appeal of our resources has spread chiefly via word of mouth to schools and partnership organisations and are valued for their reduction of planning time, their portability, their engaging formats and design, and value for money.

Our resources give pupils: Our resources give you: Essentially, we make it easier for you to inspire, engage and motivate children with resources that make learning more effective and fun!
Snivel And Shriek began in 2008 as a joint venture between two colleagues, one an experienced Inclusions Manager and the other a trained Primary Teacher working as a Learning Mentor. As a team, they successfully championed an emphasis on supporting pupils' social and emotional development, creating and using a number of their own resources upon which Snivel And Shriek's products are based.

Today, Snivel And Shriek supports thousands of professionals and young people in the UK and abroad.
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