Publication Reviews and Customer Comments

"It was good to see the stall at Special Needs London - stuff we could use with secondary students that doesn't patronise them! Looking forward to getting my hands on your wonderful resources!"

"These are imaginative resources to teach emotional awareness and social competence. They aim to promote communication of feelings, examine a child's own emotions and those of others... There are many suggested activities and themed questions that are ideal for discussion groups. Resources are designed to be multi-sensry with accessible language. A bit different and worth exploring."
SNIP - Special Needs Information Press

"With PSHE and social and emotional learning high on schools' agendas, it is refreshing to see a range of modern, eye-catching and unique resources on the subject. Snivel And Shriek offers a range a products that provide simple ideas for learning about self-esteem, social skills, feelings, transition, bullying and so on... complementary to SEAL and will work for Learning Mentors, SENCOs, teachers and Learning Support Assistants alike."
Learning & Teaching Magazine

"It is the quality, design and consdieration in the look and content of [the] resources that impressed me immediately.  Snivel And Shriek's innovative products are aimed at a market where I feel there is a gap in effective resources. This small, creative team are striving to redress the balance by offering something fun and unique to young people dealing with important issues."
Julia Damassa, MA, PGCE, Teacher, Founder And Creative Director at Storyshapes Ltd.

"Thanks guys, your stuff is excellent!"

(Extract): "Their products use strong colours and quirky illustrations that are sure to appeal to their target age group... The approach is subtle but purposeful... The Snivel And Shriek Guide To Sussing Out Your Secondary School' is about tranferring from primary to secondary school... This is a great resource for helping year 6 pupils prepare for the challenges associated with transition. It can be used at home or school."
Special Children Magazine

(On the Transition Class Pack): "Very well done! It's a fantastic resource and I know a couple of my Learning Mentors have purchased the whole pack this year."
Lynne Morelli, Learning Mentor Co-ordinator, Nottingham City Council

"We have invested in the Snivel And Shriek Class Pack of the transition books with the discussion prompt cards and they are excellent. We are going to target our Behaviour, EAL and vulnerable girls groups."

"I started using 'Feeling Fabulous' with one of my students this AM. She really enjoyed it and her Teaching Assistant asked me about it too so I mentioned your copmany."
Angie Wootten, Specialist

(On a free resource emailed out to Mailing List subscribers): "Fantastic!! What a fab resource, thanks so much, and how lovely to have such a nice surprise in our first week back! I'm telling everyone about your fab resources - I'm using them as an integral part of my work as an ELSA now too! The resources can be used for all children, all ages and all abilities - I even 'borrowed' the very first thing I bought - the 'me / we' spinner thingy for the weekend and used it with my children (9 and 12) in the car - they asked me the questions and read them to each other - brilliant conversation starters and useful to introduce 'random' situations/scenarios without seeming too obvious."

"I love your products and hope to be able to order more once terms starts."

"I purchased and downloaded all your downloadables tonight - Awesome materials!"

"Your resources are brilliant..."
Denise Uren, Administrative Support Officer for Educational Psychology, Hampshire County Council

(On 'Sussing Out Your Secondary School'): "I've had an initial peek at the booklets and I think look fantastic! We're having a year 6 transitions event next week involving seven schools and want each class to have a resource pack to take away."

(On the Downloadables): "I'm really pleased with what I have and even more so the cost! I only wish I had found you sooner and will certainly be recommending you to my Mentor colleagues elsewhere. Thanks again."
Sharon Purchase, Senior Learning Mentor, Turves Green Girls School And Technology College

"Thank you for the quick delivery and once again, excellent customer service."

(On 'Sussing Out Your Secondary School'): "The students have found the book very useful and it is their recommendation that keeps us coming back. Well done on an excellent product."

"Feeling Fabulous gave my pupils the chance to understand themselves and gain confidence to explore what makes them who they are."
Ben Hulme, Head Of Year, Amherst School, Sevenoaks

(On 'Sussing Out Your Secondary School'): "A worthwhile investment."
Reviewer for TES Connect