Hand-in-hand with learning, wellbeing is at the heart of every school aiming to cultivate pupils who are motivated to achieve their personal best and hold a positive attitude towards learning.

Schools have a vital role in promoting wellbeing, in helping pupils to become more self-aware in order to take responsibility for the choices they make and the direction of their lives. The ability to create and sustain positive relationships, appreciate and develop our personal skills, feel safe, appropriately explore and express our emotions and have a a sense of purpose, are crucial to a successful, happy life.

It's important that pupils are in the right 'space' or frame of mind to learn.  How many times have you, yourself, sat down to do something, only to feel unable to focus due to any number of distractions, worries, pre-occupations or even just needing the toilet? Recognition of pupils, first and foremost as human-beings with individual circumstances, thoughts and feelings, will ultimately foster better learning. With our tried and tested, newly refined range of wellbeing resources, we aim to support self-esteem, social skills and emotional literacy with ideas and activities that enable reflection, discussion and action for comfortably confident, respectful, positive young people with realistic aspirations for a happy future.